How to Update Audio Drivers in Windows 10, 8 & 7

So, the original equipment manufacturers create their own device drivers. These are OEM device drivers and have to installed separately after installing the operating system. Computers of the older era were marked, and hence even the motherboard drivers had to be installed externally. But that was the age of Windows XP. Barring few brands, most of the built-in driver sets are already contained in the operating systems. You may want to stay on top of graphic card driver updates for this reason. The steps are shown on the video below so go ahead and click the “Play” button then follow what it the directions as they are given.

  • The number of drivers that start by the operating system.
  • Sometimes all it takes to fix a sound problem is with a simple driver update, but sometimes it takes a little time.
  • Well, there is nothing to be worried about in such a case.

Connect the external or USB drive to the target computer and install the driver packages one at a time. Re-start the computer after each individual driver install to avoid any hardware conflicts. If the target computer will be connected to the Internet, start with the network driver. This allows you to download any further drivers directly to this computer if desired, or you can continue to install from the external drive. If these drivers fail there is not option left other than to switch to the old drivers.


For example, a virtual machine driver in a virtualization setup will work with IP and MAC addressing to emulate a network connection for a virtual machine. Avast also has a premium driver updater tool that does a fine job of finding and updating drivers. Avast Driver Updater will quickly scan your PC for outdated drivers, and you can update all of them with a single click. The Pro version will automatically update all the outdated drivers and install important gaming components missing from your PC, such as Microsoft Visual C++.

If you’re having issues with the Display Driver Uninstaller software, you should check the guru3d website for more details and help. Under the “Download Locations” section, click the Display Driver Uninstallerdownload link nearest to your location to save the file. After updating the driver, restart the PC to apply changes. The following are the two methods you can try to uninstall your AMD driver on your Windows computer.

How to download Audio driver for Windows 11/10

Back in 2019, Microsoft introduced new privacy features to Windows that give you more granular control over which apps are accessing your microphone. The side effect of this is that certain apps may be blocked from using your microphone without you even knowing. It is needless to talk about the importance of the microphone in your PC.

We offer everything from high end PC custom builds and advice to the latest hardware and component reviews, as well as the latest breaking gaming news. Safe mode is a great way to diagnos and fix your Windows and drivers as it only functions with the bare necessities of the OS. Follow the instructions in Apple’s How to Upgrade guide, to update your Mac to the most recent version of MacOS.

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